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Blue Light and Your Eyes

Blue Light and Your Eyes

It's no doubt when asked, many patients are familiar with how UV light may be harmful to their eyes. Perhaps not the nitty gritty details of how, but the agreed upon understanding that the accumulation of UV light hastens cataracts and increases the risk of developing macular degeneration. When patients are questioned about their knowledge of blue light, many are unfamiliar with where it comes from and how it may affect their eyes. 

If you work inside an office environment, you are most likely surrounded by blue light. Digital devices such as computer monitors, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens all emit blue light. LED lights and CFLs are low energy and provide great savings when it comes to paying your electric bill. However, they are also a source of blue light. Blue light rays surround us and continuous exposure to these lights may be harmful. 

Why do your eyes feel so tired after working on the computer screen for a few hours? You're probably thinking you've been overworked and a vacation is needed. While we could all use a break, reducing blue light from your computer screen may help you work more comfortably! Prolonged exposure to blue light while working on computer screens may cause digital eyestrain. Blue light may also increase your risk of developing macular degeneration; a disease causing retinal cell death leading to a loss of functional vision. Those fancy words do not sound pleasant at all! Simply put, chances of you losing your vision increases with blue light exposure.

The solution is quite simple: blue light filters. Few computer monitors and mobile phones may have a setting to reduce blue light. You'll notice when such option is enabled, your screen may change to a yellow shade. You may also find screen protectors with the ability to filter blue light, however this is a costly option -- you will have to purchase a screen protector for each device. At our office, we simply place blue light filters directly onto our glasses. No matter where you are, what devices you are on, knowing harmful blue light is filtered is assuring.